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Coronavirus Update

Updated: July 17, 2020

Good News -Hockey Techniques is still running its summer skills sessions this summer!  However, we will  be adjusting the schedule.

  1. We are running half day sessions with all the ice time concentrating in the morning. It will be a 9:15am -10:30, 10:50 -12:05pm. 
  2. Numbers are limited 30 skaters instead of our normal 40 skaters, but the price will remain the same at $395.00.
  3. Enrollment update:
    • Week 1 (August 3 - 7)  SOLD OUT - Creating waitlist
    • Week 2(August 17 - 21) SOLD OUT - Creating waitlist
    • We may be having a few campers drop out.  Please sign up online but hit the PAY OFFLINE BUTTON to make sure no money gets charged.  We will Add you to the WAITLIST.

Thank you and hope to see you at the rink.  Stay safe!

Todd Drevitch

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We are proud to offer our 25th year of hockey sessions. 

Skills at Home Video Series

"The Drev Show"

Hockey Techniques has been creating new videos for the kids to practice skills at home. These were made for the NJ Colonials Girls. However, they are appropriate to ALL players. Hope they help keep your players active and fresh for when tryouts finally get scheduled!

Some are just drills.  Most are follow along with Jenny and/or Kevin for a puck skills workout.

Take Care, Todd

Video #1: Stickhandling (Box Stickhandle)

  1. In front of body
  2. Forehand side of body
  3. Backhand side of body
  4. 1 to 3 and 2 to 4 pullbacks
  5. Follow the Jenny Moving using the 4 boxes

Video #2: Shooting (100 shots for lower left corner)

  1. Face board, 5 quick stickhandles into wrist shot
  2. Face net, all weight on inside foot, 
  3. Same as above, but step or thrust towards the net for shot off outside foot
  4. Backhand shot
  5. Slap or half slap/snap shot

Video #3: Shooting (100 Shots off of the stickhandle) 

  1. Face net...5 quick stickhandles into shot snap or wrist
  2. Stand behind board...5 quick stickhandles into trot forward shot with puck next to you or behind
  3. similar to above but shot out in front of hand off hip
  4. "U" surround shot...back starts facing the net.  Puck on end of board near net.  Player walks away from net surrounding puck.  Player pulls puck back as the get to far end of board.  Shot without stopping feet from moving.
  5. Slide under...quick shot - 2 versions.  
    • If puck is still close to obstacle, then wrist or snap shot
    • If puck is near end of board away from obstacle, then one time snap/slap

Video #4: Stickhandling (15 Sets of drills with Jenny)

  1. Quick Feet with quick pull to the side
    • Far away
    • Near Body
    • both
  2. Forehand pull to backhand behind Jenny
    • Stationary
    • with step forward
    • with step forward and 2nd pull fake
  3. Backhand pull to Forehand behind Jenny
    • Stationary
    • with step forward
    • with step forward and 2nd pull fake
  4. Using the Feet
    • Inside of feet
    • outside of feet
    • moving using both and through legs
  5. Fun trick stuff
    • With ball chip over stick
    • with puck chip over stick
    • Attack triangle anything using everything

Video #5: Stickhandling (Into the Feet - 13 Sets with Jenny)

  1. Stationary Into Feet and Out
    • Close
    • Far
    • Both
  2. Forward to Backward "U" Drill
    • Close
    • Wider
    • Backward into Fake
    • Other way 
  3. Backhand Escapes
    • Full 360 Escape
    • 1/2 Escape into double fake
  4. Side Pulls
    • Backhand Side
    • Forehand Side
  5. Forward Taps
    • Double Tap Slide Under
    • Chip Tap over Attack triangle

Summer Skills Sessions 2020 Dates

Week 1: August 3 - 7

Week 2: August 17 - 21

Located at Mennen Sports Arena

NOTE: Sessions were sold out last few years.  Sign up early. 



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